I just wanted to tell you that I had a very strong reaction to the session we had yesterday. I felt so energized and just really happy after our session—it really felt like a lot of my personal energy that had been tied up came back to me/opened up. It was really a gift, thank you.
— Kelley S.
Best Massage Ever!

I am a 71 year-old woman, I have a back I refer to as ‘a masterpiece of mis-alingment’. Throughout my life I have had innumerable massages, but there is a special quality to the massage I received from David that surpasses all of them!

Because of his extensive education, and inherent sensitivity, he is able to go directly to the muscles that need attention and work out the stiffness effectively. It has always been difficult to find a therapist who can ease the pain, without too much or too little pressure.

I would (and have) recommend David over and above any other therapist I have ever seen.
— Patty C.
David is truly a healer. You get an informed consultation before he starts to work on you; he is a wealth of knowledge. His studio is so tranquil that it’s easy to Zen out. It won’t be long until everyone starts calling him The Gift because he is so dang talented. Every time I go it’s the best 90 minutes of my life. Do yourself a favor and book a massage!
— James V.